Colorbar Matte Lipstick Review


Recently someone gifted me Color bar  Peach Crush. Though i  have never used Color bar Matte lipers before but somehow i did not like it much. I  seriously don’t understand why so many people have hyped about color-bar .So i decided to share what i feel after using it.I guess different people different perception.  .

Lipstick Traits
Series – Matte
Shade – Peach crush 59-P
Quantity- 4.2 g
Texture – Creamy
Formulation- Vitamin E
Price            – Rs 250/-

PackingThe lipstick comes in a metallic packing with transparent plastic cover .Quiet neatly done.
At the bottom you can check the Shade  & Quantity.

Texture-The texture of the lipstick is smooth .Its matte formulated ,the color is very pretty ,no second thought on it.It does no settle in fine lines.It stays for 3-5 hours approx. has a creamy base ,but  quite dry.Before applying the Liper  one should use Vaseline /lip balm to keep your lips nourished.Its matte so have no gloss/glitter.

How to use it– Glide on lips and smack lips together for even application , or use lip brush for even application.



Easily available
Variety of colors(approx 45 shades are available)

Hard to remove (tough stain will require one to use 3-5 tissue paper to clean)
Weird smell

My take on the product– Its a average product good for college girls or for daily wear.I personally won’t use it again.(because it dries up my lips everytime i use it)

My Rating-3/5


Sunsilk Dream Soft & Smooth Shampoo Review

Hey Fellow Reader’s today I’m very  much excited to do my First review & i choose sun silk (co-creation dream soft &smooth shampoo) for rough & dry hair
Co -Created By Thomas Taw-Repair Expert London

Sunsilk is a hair care brand, it was launched in the UK in 1954, and by 1959 it was available in 18 different countries worldwide. Sunsilk a big brand in itself needs no introduction.

Why i choose sunsilk shampoo-  Coz i was suffering from dry & rough hair.

What is claims – Freedom from dry & rough hair
Leaving them soft & silky
Net volume -180ml

Direction for use – massage onto wet hair then rinse thoroughly. repeat application and use daily. for best result , use Sunsilk conditioner after shampooing with daily use ,with shampoo and conditioner vs non-conditioning shampoos.

Ingredients : Ceramide M academia
My Take On The Product -I think this shampoo does wonders for dry and rough hair. I personally have been using it for quite some time now, my  hair texture has become soft and silky. I use it  thrice a week to stay away from rough hair & dry hair.The shampoo comes with a silver rish color  with a lot of sparkle with a pleasant smell. Sunsilk shampoo gives healthier, longer, smoother and stronger hair.It is enriched with Ceramide Macademia Complex energizers, which cleanses your hair and conditions even the driest hair leaving it soft & smooth.

Pros Of Sunsilk Dream

-It leaves hair soft &smooth
-Removes dirt & Excess oil
-Repairs limp and dry hair
-Easily available 
-Contains Egg yolk which is considered very Good for Hair
-Hair becomes less Frizzy after 2-3 wash.

Cons Of  Sunsilk Dream –  I personally did not find any ,my bad luck.

Rate-I would rate it 4.5/5

A must Try  product for dry ,rough & frizzy hair.

How To Plan Your Valentine’s Day

How to plan a Perfect Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is almost here, and so is everybody as usual in confused situation what to do, what to gift ,and how to make it memorable .

Here’s a list what one can do, to turn there day special & memorable.

 1-Celebrate with 12 days of Valentine’s Day – 
staring from 7th February- 14 feb ,this does not mean one has to be loud and give expensive gift to show that you care, small gestures  can speak much louder than expensive gift articles.

2-If it’s your first valentine’s day – after your marriage than plan a surprise visit to romantic cities like Goa or Paris 

3-Spend some quality time together – why not cook a meal together ,go for a walk or any other activity which you guys enjoy together ,like dancing ,swimming theater etc.

4- Create A Special Evening At Home– turn your house into a mini spa, get yourself some sensual oils, candles , fill the room with balloons rose and red petals.
Arrange for a mini theater system and watch romantic movies together like-The Notebook , Casablanca , Gone with the wind and the list goes on …

5BE SPONTANEOUSDo something that is unexpected from you and thrills your partner , secretly  learn how to cook his /her favorite dish or few  dance moves .surprise him by taking him out for a dance ,hot air balloon ride,drag him out of the house from your  boring lifestyle to see sunset,listen to a live band/ghazal or whatever else you think is appropriate for the two of you. Don’t hesitate in expressing your feelings,be innovative and you never know it works wonder for your relationship.

6-Take a walk down memory lane together
take your partner to somewhere they told you was special for them as a child. Spend  time walking around exploring the place and asking question about his/her childhood memories .

7-Last but not the least-Say I love you it means a lot, tell them what they mean to you, it will mean more a gift could .
If you don’t have anyone to spoil you this valentine’s-   
Treat yourself,go for shopping,
Hang out with friends,
Pamper yourself at a spa,
Remember it’s not the end of the world.

Quick Fix For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here, so here’s a quick fix for  the day.
For Busy Ladies ..
Hope you like it….

1-Stylish Outfit-
Wear a nice trendy lace dress if you  are lean , 
Try avoiding light color that highlight your assests.
Be confident in what you are wearing, be stylish and sexy.
Don’t wear colors that make you look bloated or  dark.

Avoid heavy makeup, be neutral and natural,
Co-ordinate your makeup with your dress color,
Wear a bright nail paint avoid colors that make you hands look dark.

Carry a stylish bag that makes  you look smart  ,
Avoid tote or big handbags.
Carry a medium size.

Avoid new shoe.
Wear in what makes you comfortable to move around.


Make sure you take a gift along
Avoid girly gifts(stuff toys,perfumes,key chains )
Best gift idea –  men’s wallet, belt or a collage .
Make the best
Avoid argument,
Make it memorable,
Smile and make your day happy.
Happy Valentine’s Day Readers.

Image source-Google