Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 685 Craving Coral-Review

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 685 Craving Coral

Product description-Sensuous matte cream formula meets bold pigment colour for our smoothest, most seductive mattes. In 6 make-a-statement shades.Worried that matte lipstick with make your lips look and feel dry? New Color Sensational Creamy Mattes give you matte lips that look smooth,moisturised and more plump, and feel comfortable all day.

Shade-Craving coral(685)
Shelf life-2 years

Packing-The packing is similar to all maybelline lipstick with silver tube with browsing grayish plastic cap/cover.The plastic cover fits in properly ,its a travel friendly packing.

My Take On The Product-Craving coral is a beautiful mixture of red & orange color.Its a bring color which lifts up the mood ,when applied.The lipstick is a pure matte shade,with great pigmentation,it does not dry the lip.The lipstick last long for 4- 5 hours without any touch ups.The lipstick easily glides into the lip,making the lip look bright and moisturized.


Last long.
Matte shade.
Highly pigmented.
Easily available.
Great value.
Does not bleed.
Light weight.
Travel friendly packing.


Final verdict-It’s a beautiful shade ,which will suit all Indian skin tone.Easy on pocket .This shade is a total hit.


IIFA 2017- Green Carpet Event

Glimpse of IIFA 2017 Green Carpet Event In New York

The 18th edition of the International Indian Film Academy Awards was held in New York on July 15th.Its one of the biggest star award night.

Let’s have a look at the best/worst dressed celebrities-

I dont think so these celebrities need any introduction ,my personal favorite -Dia Mirza,Sonakshi & Huma Qureshi.

Do share your pick in the comment section.


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VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit Review

VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit

Description-Has the blazing sun robbed your skin of its natural radiance? This Anti Tan Facial Kit from VLCC will help you get rid of the sun tan and repairs the damage done by harmful UVA and UVB rays. It will tone your uneven skin tone and leave your skin soft and smooth.Enriched with Herbal Goodness

This anti-tan facial kit comes with five sachets for a complete facial. Apart from lightening the blemishes and skin tone, this kit also helps in removing dead cells from your skin and makes it clear and radiant.Easy-to-use.

Claims-Removes Dead Cells,
Lightens the Blemishes,
Repairs Damage Done from UVA and UVB Rays,
Leaves Skin Clear and Radiant

Type-Facial kit
Suitable for-all skin types
Shelf life-3year

My Take On The Product – Summer holidays are over long time back,but in most of the cases the tanning is still there.So to remove the tanning one can opt for VLCC anti tan kit,the detan kit helps in removing,excess tanning ,when used regularly.The facial kit has a very mild fragrance,it does not dry or break the skin.It helps in removing dead cells and lighten the blemishes,which results into clear and radiant skin.The only negative part is opening each sachet and mixing the content and then tieing the sachet ,so the mixture does not dry,but somehow ,it dries up.Overall a decent product .

Removes Tan when used in regular intervals.
Easy on pocket.
It’s a travel friendly packaging.
All Ayurvedic composition.

Tedious work of opening and mixing the content.
The leftover dries up ,once the packing is open.

Final Verdict-A decent product for removing tan at home.


Mamaearth Calming Body Wash for Mama-Review

Mamaearth Calming Body Wash for Mama with Aloe, Allantoin & Vitamin E

Product Description -NATURAL COCONUT BASED CLEANSERS – Enriched with goodness of Coconut based cleansers and Jojoba Oil to nourish your skin
NATURAL NOURISHMENT- Allantoin & Vitamin E helps skin to lock in moisture and promote healthy cell development thus preventing dull and sallow skin.
UPLIFTS & REJUVENATES MOOD- Geranium helps replenish and rejuvenate the skin. It uplifts your mood, lessens fatigue and promotes emotional wellness.
DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED – Clinically tested in Europe, Hypoallergenic and Fragrance free (Natural flower extracts for fragrance)
MADE SAFE CERTIFIED – Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand, No parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances etc


Type-Calming Body Wash for Mama
Price-Rs 349/-
Shelf life-2 years

Packing -The body wash comes in a round white plastic bottle,with a nozzle cap,that is tightly fit.The packing is travel friendly ,but little bulky.

Double cap protection


My Take On The Product-The body wash comes in a transparent gel based form,with a very mild fragrance of rose.The fragrance does not last long.I personally prefer strong fragrance that lasts long.One drop is enough to lather well.The body wash does not dry the skin,it keeps the moisture intact .Its Asia’s first MadeSafe certified brand, No parabens,sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances,so one can easily rely on this product.As it wont harm .One bottle will last approx for 1.5 months.


Dermatologically tested
Free from chemicals & animal cruelty.
Budget friendly .
Doesn’t dry out the skin.
Easily available online on various shopping apps.

The fragrance is very mild & does not last long.

Final Verdict-If you are looking for a chemical free product ,that does not harm you skin ,then Mamaearth is the answer.Overall a decent product .

Rate -4/5

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Oriflame Pure Colour Intense Lipstick-Fabulous Fuchsia Review

Oriflame Pure Colour Intense Lipstick-Fabulous Fuchsia Review

Product description-High coverage lipstick in most popular shades.
Concentrated color for great pay-off.
Comfortable and moisturizing formula gives a smooth lip feel.
Friendly prices lets you indulge in your favorite shades.


Shade-Fabulous Fuchsia
Shelf life- 36months

Packing-The packing of Intense Lipstick-Fabulous Fuchsia is simple and ordinary .It comes in a black cylindrical plastic case.Easy to carry plus it’s travel friendly because of its compact size and weight.

My Take On The Product- Fabulous Fuchsia by Oriflame is a very pretty and girly color with high pigmentation.The lipstick is enriched  with moisturiser ,that does not let the lip dry .It also has sun  protection with SPF 15 ,which lets you go and enjoy in the sun,without worrying about harmful rays.The lipstick has a creamy texture with a mild fragrance.The lipstick last 1.5-2  hours without any touch up,that’s the only drawback.Best suited for college girls,as it’s a budget buy.

Well pigmented.
Budget friendly.
Compact size.
Creamy texture.
Rich colour.
SPF 15 for sun protection.

Does not last long.

Final Verdict-If you are looking for a budget friendly lipstick with rich color ,then go for this.The color will suit all Indian skin tone.Best suited for college girls.Its not 100% matte.


VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream With Pineapple Extract-Review

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream With Pineapple Extract-Review

After a long vacation with my family,in the hills.I’m finally back to my place (Delhi).During my vacation times,I tried several sunscreen to protect my skin from of them is –VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream With Pineapple Extract Matte look,it did not disappoint me much.

So read it,to find out ,what I liked & disliked  about it-

Product description-Sun screen cream with Pineapple extracts and SPF 30 and PA+++. Hydrates the skin leaving it soft and supple.

Type-Sunscreen Cream
Suits-All skin types
Price-Rs 315/-
Shelf life-2 years


Packing-It comes in a plastic tube ,with a flip flop cap ,with product details mentioned .



My Take On The Product-The sunscreen is not watery or gel based.The cream comes in a yellowish tan color,which spreads evenaly.One should apply a base cream with it.After applying the cream the skin becomes white and cakey,acts more like a BB cream,gives a matte look.It has a mild fragrance .I have oily skin type,and I did sweat,so I wont say its completely Non sticky .Overall a nice product with good amount of Spf with natural ingredients,and hence its an ayurvedic product. 🙂

Matte look.
Enriched with SPF 30 and PA+++ .
Has Pineapple extracts.
Easily available.
Light weight formula.
Natural Ingredients.
Paraben free.


White cast.
It’s not completely Non sticky.

Final Verdict– VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen Cream  is more like a BB/CC cream with Spf & Pa+++ ,gives a white cast effect,with all natural ingredients.


Park Avenue Signature Alter Ego Body Deodorant for Men Review

Park Avenue Signature Alter Ego Body Deodorant for Men

Product Description-It has a refreshing green spicy-nutmeg top note with strong ambery musky base.


Key Features-Assert yourself and step up your game with Park Avenue.

Intense, sensual, masculine fragrance.

Keeps you pepped up all day long. Details-
Brand-Park Avenue
Type-Deodorant Spray
Ideal for-Men
Price-Rs 240/-
Shelf Life- 2years.

Packing-It comes in a cylindrical shaped can,with a nozzle spray,with details about the product mentioned on both side.Neat packing ,nothing fancy .It is a travel friendly product.


My Take On The Product-Park Avenue Signature Alter Ego Body Deodorant for Men is from the Signature collection,which has a refreshing green spicy-nutmeg top note with strong ambery musky base.The fragrance is strong and lasts up to 4-5 hours.The fragrance is different from other body deodorants in the market.One bottle will last up to 20 days .The only con it has the alcohol percentage ,which makes it very flammable.

Easily Available online & offline.
Travel friendly.
Signature collection.
Strong amber musky fragrance.
Last long.


Contains Alcohol(95% v/v),ie its very flammable

Final Verdict-The fragrance is different from other perfume spray’s,last long with strong musky base,ideal for your man.

Rate -4/5

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem and Tulsi Face Wash Review

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem and Tulsi Face Wash

Product description-High Foaming Face Wash with the goodness of 2 ingredients Neem and Tulsi , 1st Face Wash that removes 99.9% pimple causing germs.Key features-Boosted with the power of Nature+Science.
Removes 99.9% pimple germs.
Gentle face wash for daily use.
Suitable for all Skin Types.


Ideal For-Unisex
Type-Foaming face wash
Price-Rs 105/-
Shelf life-36 monthsPacking-Garnier face wash comes in a transparent plastic bottle,with a green color flip cap.The packing looks sturdy and neat.


My Take On The Product-Garnier face wash comes in a green color with gel consistency which is not too think.A pea size drop is enough to clean the dirt.The face wash lathers really well ,removes dirt and excess oil.The face wash is very refreshing and the best part it doesn’t dry out skin.It has a mild fragrance ,which does does not cause any irritation.I have no pimple problem ,so I really cant comment does it really fight back pimple causing germs.Overall a nice product.


Doesn’t dry out skin.
Removes excess oil,dirt & fights acne causing germs.
Boosted with Active neem & Tulsi.
Easily available.
Budget friendly.
Does not remove 99.9% pimple germs.

Final Verdict-Boosted with Natural ingredients this product is a must try out,suitable for all skin types.



FOCALLURE Matt Lip Gloss Matte Lipstick

Features:Long wearing:Original colors:Keep Moisturizer and shining.

Claims  A highly comfortable, long wear liquid lipstick that dries matte with intense color pay-off and transfer-proof properties. Waterproof Matte Liquid Lipstick Moisturizer Smooth Lip Stick Long Lasting Lip Gloss.
Shades-Ruddy Pink/Rose Taupe
Types-Matte Liquid Lipstick
Price-US $2.59each
Made in China Packing-It comes in a see through plastic bottle with black lid to close.Its light in weight & easy to carry.


My Take On The Product– Focallure lipstick comes in a cylindrical plastic see through case.The lipstick(s) has a strong fragrance which lingers for 2 to 3 seconds.The best part is after few seconds the fragrance disappearance .The lipcolors are 100%matte.The lip color settles down in seconds ,and once it is applied ,it is hard to remove.The lipstick last for 3-4 hours without touch up.If you don’t want a pure matte look you can apply a top coat ,but then it does not last long.

Rose Taupe(06)is a dark pinkish mauve shade which will almost will go with every Indian skin tone and as for Ruddy pink(10) the color will not look too good on dark skin tone.The lipstick are paraben & cruelty free.

                                                                             When applied

                                                                   After it dries,gives a matte look.

Matte lipstick.
Long lasting.
Formulated WITHOUT:Parabens :Phthalates:Cruelty – Our products are NOT tested on animals.
Budget friendly.

Dry lip.
Final Verdict-If you love 100% matte shade(s) then go for focallure lip stick,the only issue is the availability .

Rate -4/5



Wild Stone Red Deodorant For Men Review

Wild Stone Red Deodorant For Men

Product Details-With green apple and cedar notes combined together in this complex composition, Wild Stone Red offers the best to all the men with this fragrance. The mix of these notes together yield just a hint of mesmerizing woody & vibrant citrus aroma that leaves you fresh, and others craving for more.About Wild Stone-Wild Stone is a male grooming brand with presence across multiple categories. The fragrances for Wild Stone are unique and sophisticated keeping in mind the sensibilities of emerging youth and are especially developed by renowned perfumeries in France.

Brand-Wild stone
Type-Deodorant Spray
Ideal for-Men
Price-Rs 195/-
Shelf Life- 3years


Ingredients-Packing-The packing of wild stone is quite sturdy and eye catchy,it has a open & close nob to use,with a press here button to spray.The spray is travel friendly too.
My Take On The Product-Wild stone (Red) is a mix of citrus fruit(green apple) & cedar notes.The fragrance is strong and manly.The fragrance is refreshing and lasts long.One can lasts up to 20 days ,if used daily.If you like strong fragrance than this is a must .

Strong fragrance.
Lasts long.
Travel friendly.
Easily available.
Budget friendly.
Contains Ethyl alcohol.

Final verdict -If you are looking for a manly fragrance,that lasts long then go for it.